About Us

Who we are

An independent steel trader and consulting group working with the international steel across the globe. We focus on consulting of supply chain optimization, logistics, sourcing raw material and steel, finance and finished product distribution structuring.

What we offer

Intertrading offers a complete and competitive service worldwide for importers and exporters of steel and raw materials. From our global network and experienced team we grant professional market knowledge and trading expertise.

Our excellence

Intertrading is active in longs, flats and iron ore. This important move ensures the future growth of the organization, creating synergies and bringing further accrued diversification in the metals industry. We excel in service and competence.

Our mission

Custom made services to meet the requirements and expectations of our suppliers and customers while constantly developing new sources of supply.

At Intertrading, we excel your sourcing

We provide steel traders, producers and end users with market knowledge to enhance their profitability and international exposure; we structure financing of operations; we provide access to financial markets; we provide end users of steel with access to steel producers around the world to optimize their procurement; we bring steel closer to users mitigating risks.


Countries of Expertise

  • Belarius.
  • Bulgaria.
  • China.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Italy.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Korea.
  • Poland.
  • Portugal.
  • Romania.
  • Russia.
  • Spain.
  • Taiwan.
  • Thailand.
  • Turkey.
  • Uzbekistan.


Consulting and conferences.

  • Financial services consulting as a way to enhance profitability and mitigate risk for traders, producers and end users.
  • Developing logistics, warehousing, distribution and service centres.
  • Assisting traders, producers and end users with technical expertise.
  • Assisting traders and end users price risk management.
  • Assisting producers and traders with expertise of inbound commercial demands.
  • International steel market knowledge.
  • Intertrading may also take part at your conference.



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